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A magical adventure onboard Platinum’s Luxury Yachts in Mykonos

A magical adventure onboard Platinum’s Luxury Yachts in Mykonos

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Mykonos”?


Gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear, turquoise waters, postcard perfect whitewashed villages and iconic sunsets. An enchanting, ancient civilization that lives on through its mythsarts, literature and traditions. Warm and hospitable, open hearted, affable inhabitants. But perhaps above all, opulenceextravagance and glamor. For the natural splendor and enthralling culture of Mykonos, go hand in hand with magnums of thefinest bubblyHollywood starscelebrities and A-listersmaximum comfort and some of the world’s most historic parties.


In this extraordinary little slice of heaven on earth, one deserves to experience holidays which are -too- beyond the commonplace and the mundane.


And what could be more memorable than a private, 5* cruise with the best luxury yachts in Mykonos; which is specifically tailored to your desires and needs?


This is where Mykonos Platinum enters: We are a team of local experts offering a premium range of services, including the chartering of handpicked luxury yachts in Mykonos. Boasting a plethora of key contacts and invaluable insider’s intel; we can make a world of difference. Indeed we are here to bring true exclusivity to your stay; and create some unforgettable memories that you’ll forever cherish.


A tailor made cruise with the best luxury yachts in Mykonos


So how about spicing up your holidays with an adventure on board one of Platinum’s specially selected yachts in Mykonos?


Whether for a day, a week or the whole season; whatever your party size or composition; your individual preferences and specifications; we undertake to identify the vessel that best fits your demands and wishes; as well as to design the itinerary that shall grant you maximum enjoyment.


Skinny -or designer clad-dipping into the azure waters of secluded bays; seeing and being seen in cosmopolitan beaches; sipping afternoon cocktails amidst the archipelagos; dining on the sea, under the stars; exploring ancient Delos and neighboring Rhinia; perhaps even touring the Cyclades complex.Everything is possible-and absolutely magical-on board Platinum’s yachts in Mykonos. The choice is yours; the responsibility for making it all happen, is ours. Our experienced crew shall be at your total disposal as soon as you set foot on your boat, to guide you to the beauties of Mykonos and the Cycladic islands; and to discreetly assist -and pamper- you.


Put simply we are here to make sure that you; your beau or your belle; your family and your friends, will live an once-in-a-lifetime, customized cruising experience on board the plushest yachts in Mykonos!