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Mykonos VIP experience redefined

Villas in Mykonos

Our company’s real estate experts scout the best rental properties around the island, based on strict standards and special conditions. All villas, suites and 5 star hotel suites in Mykonos included in our portfolio are professionally inspected to make sure all our standards are met, and to eliminate any chance of unwanted surprises for our esteemed guests. Our aim is to create an authentic, bespoke travel experience on the windy island. We are dedicated to finding the perfect holiday villa in Mykonos. Our service is personalized, and around the clock, promising and ensuring the best possible match for our guests’ wishes and requirements.


All the villas in Mykonos we represent – luxury, family and party -, town suites and luxury hotel suites we have handpicked for our guests have breathtaking sea views of the Aegean, and private pools. Areas differ from 50 to 550 square meters, depending on the number of persons accommodated and the desired location. Maid, butler, chef, babysitter and fitness expert services can be arranged, along with private security for the entire property or personal bodyguards for each guest. In conclusion, utmost privacy is guaranteed, with all our trusted associates being selected based on the highest, strictest standards for services provided to high profile guests.

Our Luxury Villas

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