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Welcome to a world of pampering and indulgence, Welcome to Mykonos Platinum Luxury Villa Collection

Welcome to a world of pampering and indulgence, Welcome to Mykonos Platinum Luxury Villa Collection

Whitewashed cube houses, next or on top of each other, glistening under the bright Aegean sun: This was the image that greeted -and thoroughly impressed-Le Corbusier when he visited the island of the winds in the 1930”s. “Unless you have seen the houses of Mykonos, you can’t pretend to be an architect. For whatever architecture has to say, it is said here”, the great man thus declared.


Nowadays this archetypal icon circulates around the globe, attracting visitors from the four corners of the planet. Mykonos is undoubtedly beautiful; and we believe it is our solemn duty to preserve, accentuate and showcase its splendor to the world.


Mykonos Platinum Luxury Villas: A handpicked collection


To this end, paying tribute to the remarkable Mykonian architectural legacy and aesthetic, at the luxury villa Mykonos Platinum collection, we have handpicked an array of premium properties across the island which meet the highest accommodation standards and are geared towards the most discerning travellers.


Thereafter each luxury villa Mykonos Platinum not only stands out for its location and aesthetic; but is also endowed with picture perfect sea vistas, designer furniture and original artworks; as well as the latest amenities and state of the art conveniences.


Moreover each luxury villa Mykonos Platinum is fully serviced by our carefully selected, capable, trusted and discrete personnel (should you wish, you may opt for an all female staff!). This in effect means that at your luxury villa Mykonos Platinum, you’ll get to enjoy the privacy and seclusion of an opulent holiday home; along with the services, comfort and considerable pampering of a 5-star hotel.


Would you like a fabulous candlelit dinner for two, prepared by the island’s most acclaimed chefs? Perhaps a helicopter ride or a private cruise to Delos? Maybe some security guards because it is surely better to be safe than sorry? Are you looking for total distress and rejuvenation through the magic touch of the most accomplished therapists? Maybe you want to realign your body and mind by doing yoga or pilates with the ultimate experts? Go shopping with the best? Or walk into Mykonos’ wild side while your offspring is safe and happy with the nanny? You may even want to throw the party of the century; themed or not; at your villa, on a boat or -why not-on a bus.


Whatever your wishes, cravings and demands-howbeit pressing or outrageous- we are here to ensure that they are met, and thoroughly satisfied for the length of your stay at your luxury villa Mykonos Platinum. For ours is a holistic approach to hospitality; and with that in mind we offer a comprehensive, wide range of tailor made, 24/7premium services directly at your villa or location of choice.


Simply put, think of us as your fairy god mother and entrust us with your deepest longings and desires. Indeed “you make a wish, we make it happen”.