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Luxury Villa in Mykonos: Why it is the ultimate holiday choice

Luxury Villa in Mykonos: Why it is the ultimate holiday choice

With its pristine beauty, amazing beaches, enticing mythology and quintessentially glamorous lifestyle, Mykonos is the place to be in the Mediterranean. Joys abound in the island of the winds; and it is only natural to want to make the very best of your holiday here-and this begins with selecting the accommodation that is likely to provide you with the most authentic and enjoyable experience possible.


While opting for a hotel is the standard choice -and one that certainly guarantees a great level of ease; the somewhat closed hotel atmosphere fails to do justice to Mykonos’  exuberant character. Plus, while it is quite easy to assume that a luxury villa Mykonos rental, is out of reach or might involve more stress and effort on behalf of the traveler; in fact renting a luxury villa in Mykonos, grants you all the comforts expected from a premium quality hotel, while allowing you to have much more independence, privacy and authenticity. Bringing you closer to Mykonos’ essence from a variety of prime locations, read on to find out how staying in a handpicked luxury villa of the Mykonos Platinum Collection can bring a whole new dimension to your holiday and make it all the more memorable for everyone involved.


A home away from home


Unless you’re spending seriously big money, it’s not very likely that a hotel room is going to blow you away with how wonderfully homey and welcoming it is. Not so with a luxury villa in Mykonos, which is somewhere you can really kick back and relax; and live life at your own pace. You probably wouldn’t be spend much of your holiday in a hotel room – but with a Mykonos Platinum villa, it’s all part of the experience. After all you have enough space to relax and socialize or even entertain friends; and that’s not to mention your very own swimming pool or garden to enjoy as you please.


True Exclusivity


Plus no matter how high the caliber of your chosen hotel, you are always bound to be sharing the space with other guests in one way or another. For example the pool, even if you do get up at 7am – and who wants that anyway? The same goes for the gym, sauna and steam room. But with your very own luxury villa in Mykonos, you have all these to yourselves. Which means complete exclusivity, seclusion and privacy-and that is something truly invaluable.


A feast for sore eyes


Do your tastes lean towards the uber chic? Or you a “less is more” type? Perhaps you want to feel like royalty? No matter what your desires and inclinations, we’ ve got you covered with our luxury villa MykonosPlatinum Collection. Ours are a host of handpicked properties across the island, which though different in style, all stand out for their premium location and aesthetic. Plus they are also endowed with picture perfect sea vistasdesigner furniture and original artworks; as well as the latest amenities and state of the art conveniences, to get you as relaxed and entertained as possible. And that brings us to the next:


Ultimate pampering


How would you like a fabulous candlelit dinner concocted by the island’s most acclaimed chefs? Perhaps a helicopter ride or a private cruise to Delos? Maybe some security guards because it is surely better to be safe than sorry?


Why don’t you let the experts ease off those sore muscles? How about a spot of yoga or pilates with the best, against the backdrop of the Aegean sea? Or would you rather go shopping with an assistant with insider’s knowledge? Or walk into Mykonos’ wild side while you your offspring is safe and happy with the nanny?


Whatever your wishes, cravings and demands-howbeit pressing or outrageous- we are here to ensure that they are met, and thoroughly satisfied for the length of your stay at your Platinum luxury villa in Mykonos. For ours is a holistic approach to hospitality; and with that in mind we offer a comprehensive, wide range of tailor made, 24/7premium services directly at your villa or location of choice.


Party Time!


Whether it’s your wedding anniversarya big birthdaya hen or stag partya christening or a graduation, there is always a reason to celebrate. Renting out a Mykonos Platinum luxury villa means you’ll have a venue for the party and a place for everyone to crash out afterwards too – and not only that, it’s easy to arrange catering, design and extra party favors (like a sound system, or smoke and lighting effects) just by talking to our helpful concierge team.


After all doing justice to our island’s reputation as the world’s most legendary party destination, at Mykonos Platinum we are known for having organised some of the most talked about events, celebrations, galas and happenings.


Simply put, think of us as your fairy god mother and entrust us with your deepest wishes and desires. Indeed “you make a wish, we make it happen”.