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Enjoy the high life at your dream home from the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection

Enjoy the high life at your dream home from the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection

Mykonos is the undisputed hip holiday queen of the Mediterranean; and may be enjoyed in a variety of ways: By going camping in a tent. Getting pampered in an all-inclusive resort. Staying in a cool, little hotel in town. Or, our way, by experiencing true luxury, exclusivity and glamour in a handpickedpremium residence from the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection.


Have you ever had the privilege -and pleasure? Of staying in a jewel of a home, equipped with all the comforts of life; on top of its stunning vistas; along with beloved family and friends?


To give you just a hint of what it’s like, we hereby describe some of the benefits of holidaying in a Mykonos Platinum seaview villa.


Get the Royal treatment in your seaview villa Mykonos Platinum


First pick your dream home from the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection. Granted, this might prove a rather daunting undertaking, as all properties in the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection are specifically selected for their haute aesthetics, stunning vistas, optimum level of comfort and prime location. The choice is bound to be difficult therefore; but as soon as it is made, you can just start looking forward to having the time of your life.We will make sure the house is spotless and fully stocked according to your wishes and specifications (indeed a champagne breakfast is the only way to start the day in this island!). We will collect you in our luxurious vehicle from your point of arrival and whisk you away to your chosen seaview villa in Mykonos. Our highly trained, efficient and discreet staff who -should you want- will be at your disposal 24/7, will show you around. All you have to do is sit back, put on your designer swimwear and start relishing every moment!


Actually, it is more affordable than you think!


At this point maybe you’re thinking that all this must be very expensive. Fact is our Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection, features several handpicked properties which may luxuriously accommodate larger parties. So the total price may seem a little high, but if you split it with the number of people staying, the rate per day is similar to the cost of a typical 5* hotel in the island of the winds. Plus you won’t have to compete with other (possibly noisy and annoying) guests for the best poolside spot! The glistening, glimmering pool at your seaview villa in Mykonos is for you-and yours-only! Which brings us to the next point:


Enjoy absolute freedom at your seaview villa Mykonos Platinum


No loud hotel guests, no early wake up calls from housemaids, no swimming with hundreds of people. No more getting up early because “breakfast is served between 8-10”. Especially the latter is a real downer in Mykonos as late nights are mandatory! Instead at your home -away- from- home from the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection, you can say goodbye to scheduled meal times; and to noise complaint calls from the front desk. You can come and go as you please, swim in your private pool at midnight, sunbathe topless, and even hang around all day in your nightgown if that’s what you feel like doing. Put simply:


Get to feel more like a local, less like a tourist at your seaview villa Mykonos Platinum


High aesthetic and absolute comfort go hand in hand in each property within the Platinum seaview villa Mykonos collection. Your villa of choice is equipped with the latest conveniences, tastefully designed and filled with individual touches to make you feel right at home.


Perhaps even, it’s fully fitted kitchen may inspire you to pretend you’re a native and start perusing the local markets for the freshest ingredients. Then again if homemaking is not really your style or forte, we’ve got you covered. Our expert chef undertakes to concoct the most delicious meals with select, locally sourced raw materials. This means more time for you to catch up with family and friends, soak up some sun and enjoy the high life. After all, whatever catches your fancy -from a helicopter ride, to a private excursion onboard a luxury yacht or simply a trustworthy babysitter to take care of the kids; as you are out and about-we may provide.


Get in touch and let’s find you the Mykonos Platinum seaview villa of your dreams!