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Mykonos: The quintessential lifestyle destination

Once upon a time Mykonos was a rather barren, poor, albeit beautiful island in the Middle of the Aegean. Then at the end of the 19th century the French Archaeological School of Athens started its excavations in nearby Delos. Along with the glorious ancient city, scholars and intellectuals of the time, also discovered its neighboring island of the winds: an unspoiled haven of pristine beauty and friendly, happy go lucky, locals.


This joie de vivre would subsequently become Mykonos’ hallmark. A couple of decades later, famous politicians, artists, European royalty, Hollywood stars and mega tycoons started coming to Mykonos in search for their paradise lost. In the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s, the likes of Brigitte BardotPrincess Soraya and Jackie O -along with her Ari- roamed the narrow streets of Chora and danced their worries away until the first morning light. This too, would become another trademark Mykonian pattern. But the early celebrities and socialites, led quite the simple life, eating fresh fish in the taverns, sipping strong sweet coffee in cafes and residing in humble fisherman houses. Of course, some, like Onassis, had their mega yachts moored in the harbor-yet again a characteristic Mykonian trait, that is very much alive and kicking nowadays. Gradually Mykonians, hospitable and clever lot that they are, begun constructing more befitting establishments-hotels, restaurants and clubs-to cater for their ultra glamorous, upmarket clientele.


Eventually Mykonos became synonymous with the good life: A little slice of heaven on earth, with a supercharged atmosphere; a magical place where your every wish comes true and your every whim or desire, howbeit extravagant, is catered for and fully satisfied.


Nowadays Mykonos is the quintessential lifestyle destination; rivaling (or perhaps even having already supplanted) St Tropez and Ibiza, in terms of opulence, resplendence and allure. This is the playground of the planet’s beau monde and glitteratti; who flock here every season for their regular dose of glamour, pampering and fun.


After all where else could one find such a unique combination of natural splendor and unparalleled level of service? For in Mykonos, the postcard perfect whitewashed villages, iconic sunsets and golden beaches, go hand in hand with magnums of the finest champagne, private plane, yacht or helicopter rides, supreme comfort and the world’s most memorable parties.


At Mykonos Platinum our business is making wishes come true


This is where Mykonos Platinum enters. We are a team of local experts, boasting a wide range of key contacts -as well as valuable insider’s intel- to ensure that all your needs, longings and cravings -however demanding or outrageous- are met when in Mykonos.


Ours is a holistic approach to hospitality; and with that in mind we offer a comprehensive, wide range of tailor made24/7 premium services including:


  • travel itinerary management
  • yacht charters
  • helicopter tours
  • chef packages
  • security services
  • transfer arrangements
  • private guides
  • butler services
  • massage therapists
  • babysitters and nannies
  • private dining
  • private concierge services
  • personal trainers
  • private plane charters
  • car rentals
  • shopping assistants
  • excursion planning


What’s more, doing justice to our island’s reputation as the world’s most legendary party destination, at Mykonos Platinum we are known for having organised some of the most talked about events, celebrations, galas and happenings.


Simply put, think of us as your fairy god mother and entrust us with your deepest wishes and desires. Indeed “you make a wish, we make it happen”.