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Going to Mykonos with the Kids? Don’t miss out on the fun with the help of a Platinum Mykonos Babysitter

Going to Mykonos with the Kids? Don’t miss out on the fun with the help of a Platinum Mykonos Babysitter

Once visited never forgotten, the magical “island of the winds” is not just a mecca for clubbers and music lovers. Granted, Mykonos is (in)famous for its decadent nightlife sceneflamboyant parties and anything goes lifestyle. Yet apart from its glitzy and glamorous beach clubs, where you can expect to rub shoulders with everybody who’s anybody- from supermodels to movie stars, royalty and superstar DJs; it also boasts an iconic whitewashed townstunning beaches, some world class wellness retreats, luxurious, child friendly Mykonos villas to rent, as well as a great variety of activities to keep the whole family entertained: From water sports to boat trips, museums, ancient monuments and Unesco sites, hiking and sightseeing, there is so much to see, do and savor. This means that Mykonos attracts an eclectic, classy, cultured -and perhaps somewhat bohemian- crowd, excluding no one but the irrevocably grumpy; while certainly including open minded families with kids. In other words, people quite like you.


If you’re yet to discover -or are planning a visit- to this Mediterranean, paradisiacal hotspot, along with your offspring, make sure you contact us. At Mykonos Platinum we are a team of local experts, offering a holistic approach to hospitality through a comprehensive range of tailor made, 24/7 premium services. Starting with perhaps the most fundamental -which is finding the right accomodation to match your imperatives- down to providing the most appropriate, tactful and efficient personnel who’ll tend to your needs and desires throughout the course of your stay. From a sweet yet reliable Mykonos babysitter, to a Michelin star private villa chef or a discreet though lethal bodyguard, we’ve got you covered.


Platinum Child Friendly Villa with a Mykonos Babysitter


Out of the numerous Mykonos holiday villas, at Platinum we have handpicked only the creme de la creme -our selection based on several exacting criteria including utmost privacystate of the amenitieswarm ambienceexceptional architecturechic décor and design. Anything less simply won’t do. And should you be visiting with the whole gang, bear in mind that Platinum’s child friendly villas have been kitted out with families in mind: Stair gates, blackout blinds, baby equipment, cots and nappies can be provided on request. Platinum’s child friendly villas also sport a dedicated playroom and/or area full of indoor and outdoor toys, games, books and creative equipment for all ages, so that you won’t have to bring anything with you.


As well as coming with a Platinum villa manager and the option of home cooked meals with a private Platinum chef, each villa may also be staffed by a fully qualified Mykonos babysitter. This means that you may sit back, relax, catch the sun and indulge in some me time on the island while your children, no matter what their age, are being thoroughly looked after.


Stress-free holidays with a Platinum Mykonos babysitter


Indeed you may rest assured that your children are in safe and capable hands as your hand picked Platinum Mykonos babysitter shall be a highly experienced professional with life-saving skills. What’s more, taking into account any particular tastes or dietary requirements, in collaboration with your Platinum villa chef, your Mykonos babysitter shall undertake to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for your children, and even make purées for your youngest. As per the matter of entertainment, your Mykonos babysitter shall be armed with a selection of age appropriate toys and games to allow your offspring’s imagination run free; whilst she-or he-will be joining older children on off-site activities such as visits to the trademark open air cinema or trips to the museums.


It is wonderful to be in Mykonos with kids! Especially if you have a trustworthy professional caretaker by your side. After all, whether for a day out at the beach, a romantic dinner or a big club night, you’ll be certainly yearning for some carefree -and above all- hands free time as a parent while in the enchanting, uber fun island of the winds! Just allow yourselves to be immersed into the Mykonian lifestyle by enlisting the aid of a Platinum Mykonos babysitter!