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Enjoy living in the lap of luxury with Platinum’s Private chef Mykonos services

Enjoy living in the lap of luxury with Platinum’s Private chef Mykonos services

You might be a business executive, an MP, a VP or a VIP. A socialite with a philanthropists’ ethos; a movie star or a film director; a house wife -or house husband- with an army to indulge. Or maybe none -or all of the above- and perhaps everything in between. Point is you lead a busy, fulfilling yet often stressful life. So, you deserve a holiday which is indeed all about pleasure. Of the sea-sand-sun and fun, variety but also of the palate. For sumptuous food and drink are amongst the most delightful of any vacation’s delights. Imagine then an idyllic -fit for queens and kings- scenario: A whitewashed, glorious villa in the Mediterranean’shottest destination, equipped with the latest amenities and manned by the most capable, discreet and convivial staff catering to your every need or whim. And a stellar Mykonos private chef at your disposal 24/7, who’ll concoct the most delectable meals, according to your exacting standards and personalized requirements.


Platinum’s private chef Mykonos services at your disposal


How about starting the day with the most heavenly- should you wish, even gluten free – eggs benedict for breakfast? Maybe some BBqued fresh fish for lunch? Or lobster with homemade pasta for dinner? And some champagne cocktails to wolf them down with? Everything meticulously served with style, flair and panache in the convenience of your selected private Mykonos villa. Yet this is but a small sample of what your Mykonos private chef could do for you- and yours.


For while on holidays you might, for example, be interested in doing some entertainment. Or even hosting a larger event, a special celebration for a special occasion or a fully fledged party. Our handpicked Platinum Mykonos private chef will work closely with you to create bespoke menus with the purest local ingredients, do all the grocery shopping and lay out an unforgettable feast for your guests. You only have to sit back, relax and focus on being the perfect host as you share delicious food and memories with friends and loved ones in the comfort of your own villa.


After all what good would a holiday do, if it didn’t offer a repose from normal life undertakings and responsibilities?


Platinum’s Private chef Mykonos services & more


Our goal at Mykonos Platinum is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction through the provision of tailor made, round the clock, premium services to the most discerning of travelers. We are a leading team of local experts undertaking to ensure that all your desires and demands -howbeit extravagant- are 100% met. Simply put, we know how to pick the best people -be it a Mykonos private chef with impeccable culinary credentials, or an efficient, but invisible bodyguard- for each task at hand.


So we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for a trustworthy nanny to take care of the kids whilst you hit the town, a professional masseur, personal trainer or yoga instructor to relieve you of that stress and keep you fit, an efficient travel itenary manager to smoothly handle your arrangements or a Mykonos private chefwho’ll dazzle your guests, tempt your taste buds and spoil you for life.


Feel free to contact us and find out more about what we can do for you!